San Carlos – AYSO Region 107 – History

In winter of 1969 there were 100 AYSO players scattered across Northern California. AYSO came to San Carlos in 1974, with just a few teams, under Emmett MacCorkle. In 1976, the San Carlos Region was chartered under the National Organization by Dick Knickerbocker and was recognized to operate within the city boundaries of the City of San Carlos. Dick went on to serve as commissioner for seven years, and as a result of his dedication, our annual Knickerbocker Cup Tournament was named after him.

Bob Masters, for his outstanding contribution to youth soccer, was given the distinction of joining Dick Knickerbocker in the renaming of our annual tournament to the Knickerbocker-Masters Cup. Bob served on the board for eight years, including three years as Regional Commissioner.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers over the years, soccer in San Carlos has continued to grow. The first few teams had to travel to neighboring cities in order to compete with other teams in AYSO. Today, we have seven age divisions with five of them having enough teams to compete within our own region. In 1991, for the first time, San Carlos had over 1,000 children in the program, and currently we have grown to approximately 1,550 kids and 175 teams! We are the beneficiaries of the effort, skill, know-how, good will and wonderful positive attitudes of many people over the years; thanks to those who have worked so hard, we have a successful soccer program in San Carlos!

Past San Carlos AYSO Commissioners

Emmett MacCorkle 1974-1975
Dick Knickerbocker 1976-1982
Frank Moceri 1983-1984
Quentin Koller 1985
Bob Masters 1986-1988
Ken Staedler 1989-1990
Guy Perego 1991-1992
Dave Sesin 1993
Jeff Grace 1994-1995
Brad Lamont 1996-1997
Rod Lehr 1998
Steve Lippi 1999-2000
Barbara Billings 2001-2002
Raymond Merala 2003-2004
Rob Holden 2005-2006