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New Referees

Get ready to enjoy the best location on the field to watch youth soccer. Here is more information on how to Become a Referee. The dates and times of our upcoming training courses can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Referee Instruction. You will find current email information on the Contacts page.

If none of the dates work for you, you can take the course in a nearby region. See here for a list of all courses in nearby regions. If you want to attend a course in a nearby region, register for the course on and then let our Director of Referee Instruction know when you've completed the course so he can issue ref gear to you.

U-8 Official Course: This entry-level course will get you out on the U-8 fields in no time. We cover referee fundamentals to help make the game a safe, fair and fun experience for our younger U-8 players. It requires only one evening or a half-day of training. Note that you must also complete the online Safe Haven course before you can take the field. Please register for the course at eAYSO.

 Date  Time  Location  Class  eAYSO Roster #
 8/23/2015 2pm - 6:30pm  TBD U-8 Official TBD
8/28/2015 6:30pm - 9:30pm  TBD U-8 Official TBD
 9/11/2015 6:30pm - 9:30pm TBD U-8 Official TBD
(If none of these dates work for you, you can take the course in a nearby region; see Area 2N Training Courses.)

Basic Referee (U-10) Course: We have a new class option to become a Regional referee (so you can referee U10 and U12 games). The course takes 4.5 hours. Please register for the 'Basic Referee' course at eAYSO.

 Date Time Location ClasseAYSO Roster #
 8/23/20159:00am - 1pm TBDBasic Referee Online Companion CourseTBD

Online Companion Course: While we recommend the Basic Referee Course above for new U-10 referees, sometimes the available times just won't work. As an alternative, we offer a course that consists of online training and an in-class component. You must complete the Basic Referee Online Course at prior to taking the Online Companion Course. Bring your certificate of completion to the Online Companion Course. Please register for the companion course at eAYSO.

 Date Time Location Class eAYSO Roster #
8/27/20156pm - 9:30pmTBDBasic Referee Online Companion Course  TBD
9/2/2015 6pm - 9:30pm TBD Basic Referee Online Companion Course  TBD

(If none of these dates work for you, you can take a course in a nearby region; see Area 2N Training Courses.)

Intermediate, Advanced and National Referee Courses: AYSO offers a number of opportunities for referees to continue their training and receive recognition for their experience. This is reflected in the badges they wear on the field. We highly recommend that referees who want to continue their education and training should attend Golden Gate Camp.  Details can be found below. But if those dates don't work, there are many other local courses that are offered. Contact one of our Referee Administrators or Director of Instruction. They can help you understand what training is required and will include you in further communications to referees. You will find their current email information on the Contacts page.

Golden Gate CampGolden Gate Camp is AYSO's premier instructional retreat and includes classes for referees looking to upgrade their certifications. It is typically held in July each year at a local community college. San Carlos AYSO will cover the cost of tuition for our referees that are interested in attending. Please email the Referee Administrator, Andrew Atkins, if you are interested.