The following sections describe how to register your child for the Fall season.  For the list of reg dates and birthday cutoffs, see our Dates and Eligibility page:

General Notes

To register your child, please remember:

  • Priority is given to players registered by May 17th. Registrations after May 17th are placed on a wait list in the order in which they are received.
  • Registration is simplest for registrants and for our volunteers when done at the 2 events listed below:
    • All dates are at the San Carlos Youth Center:
      • Wednesday April 29th, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
      • Saturday May 2nd, 12:30 - 3 pm
  • Player registration fee is $150 for U5 and U6 and $185 for U8 and above with a discount offered to families with more than one player.
  • A surcharge applies for late registrations( See below).
  • Divisions, Fees and eligible birthdates are listed below
  • Registration information is done through National AYSO's eAYSO tool.  For info and tips on using eAYSO please check out our eAYSO Tips page. 
  • All new players, and players not registered in the previous Fall San Carlos program must provide verification of birth date in order to complete their registration.  Bring a birth certificate with you to registration.

Refund Policy and Scholarships 

If you register your child, and then need to withdraw from the Fall 2015 season, the following Refund Policy applies:
  • If the player withdrawal occurs before team formation, a full refund will be granted.
  • If player withdrawal occurs after team formation and after uniforms are ordered, a full refund, less the cost of the uniform will be granted.
  • If the player withdrawal occurs after play begins, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.   
Please notify the SCAYSO registrar (Lane Welton) by email, include your players' name and AYSO ID number, reason for withdrawal, and date of request.

San Carlos AYSO will not turn away any player for financial reasons.  We have Scholarships available for those in need.  Please contact Jim Ritchie or Lane Welton.   Everyone Plays!

Please read the information below thoroughly, it will save time for you and for our volunteers!

Part 1: Pre-Register Online (preferred)

  1. Create a family eAYSO account under "First Time User" or log in to the account you used last year.
  2. For Continuing players: IF YOU CAN'T REMEMBER THE ACCOUNT YOU USED LAST YEAR... they do have a "forgot password" feature, as noted below those emails sometimes get caught in spam filters so please check your spam filter. Registration will be smoothest for you and for our volunteers if you can log back in under last year's account and renew those players (you won't need to re-enter a lot of information). However, if you can't get back to that account and can't reach eAYSO helpdesk (# below) then go ahead and create a new account and register your child as a completely new player.
  3. If prompted for the AYSO Region number, enter 107.  (Section Number is 2, Area is N)
  4. Fill out a Player Application for each player and print out form(s).  Forms include Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet, Consent Waiver and Player Registration Form.  NOTE:  When the "E-Sign Message" appears, click continue, you are not done yet.  On the Player Registration page select "I agree to use the electronic signature" button and print your name in the yellow box, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Continue".  Your E-Signature will finalize, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit".   You will be directed to the On-line Payment Page for completion.  Please ensure all forms are printed and signed.   For U16 and U19 Divisions be sure to enter a Player Uniform Size.
  5. Either attend Registration in person to turn in your forms and pay, or mail all forms and proof of credit card payment or check (payable to San Carlos AYSO) to: San Carlos AYSO Registrar, P.O. Box 1462 San Carlos, Ca 94070 
  6. Fill out a Volunteer Application for each adult volunteering to Coach or Referee. Please consider volunteering!

Again, if you encounter problems with eAYSO, plase visit our eAYSO Tips page.

Part 2: Register

To register in person:
  1. Bring to one of the registration events:
    • Printed  and signed forms (Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet, Consent Waiver and Player Registration Form) 
      NOTE:Please print all pages of the applications! In many browsers the eAYSO tool only prints one page at a time.
    • Checkbook, Credit Card, or Cash
    • For players in the U16 or U19 divisions without an id card from a previous season: Please bring a passport size photo of your player with you.
  2. Make check payable to San Carlos AYSO for $185
  3. Please talk to the Board Members at registration about volunteering as a Coach, Referee or anything else you're interested in.

To register by mail (If you can't make one of the registration events):
  1. Prepare:
    • Printed, Signed Applications
    • Check payable to San Carlos AYSO for $150 for each U5 and U6 player and $185 each U8 and above player
    • Mailed applications postmarked after May 15 are required to include an additional fee of $15 per player (max $30 per family).
    • If your player is in the U16 or U19 divisions and doesn't have an ID card from a previous season, please include a passport size photo of your player
  2. Mail signed form and check to: San Carlos AYSO Registrar P.O. Box 1462 San Carlos, Ca 94070
  3. If you want to volunteer to coach or referee, please fill out the volunteer form on eAYSO and you will be contacted by July.

Part 3: Receive Team Assignments

In Mid-August you will be notified of your team assignments.


For the list of reg dates and birthday cutoffs, see our Dates and Eligibility page.

More information is listed in our FAQ. If you still have questions about registration, please contact Lane Welton.
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