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Great news—we have been given clearance to run a practice-based season starting in late September/early October! We are very excited to be able to offer this program to get our kids out and running around again.

Below are some basics on what the program will look like:
1. Currently, only players seven years old (8U division, 2013 birth year) and older are allowed to register. We are hoping to offer something for younger players this fall, but right now we only have clearance for seven and up. This is due to physical distancing requirements during practices.

2. Players will be divided up into teams of 12 players or less. Each team will only play among themselves for the duration of the season.

3. We are expecting 8U players will practice 2X week, while 10U and higher will practice 2X or 3X. Each practice will be 60-75 minutes long.

4. Players will need to stay 6 ft apart during practices. Practices will therefore focus on skill building and fitness in a fun environment. Scrimmages, even within the team, are not currently allowed.

5. We are hoping to start the season 9/28, but may need to start in early October. The season will be approximately eight weeks long.

6. Parents, siblings, etc. will not be allowed to stay for practice. We will provide protocols for pick-up and drop-off.

7. Masks will be required for pick-up and drop-off. Players should expect to wear masks for most of practice, but they may be removed during high exertion activities.

8. Self-screening for COVID symptoms will be required before each practice and player attendance will be recorded. The protocol for a positive COVID test for players/volunteers and their immediate families will be distributed.

9. We are expecting to issue each child a tee shirt, rather than a full uniform.

10. The cost for the program is $205

11. Registration will close September 14th. Late registration is possible, depending on availability and coaches.

12. Since team balancing is not applicable this year, we expect to be able to accommodate more friend requests. Please make them here.

13. The last day to request a refund is 9/20.

Posted September 4, 2020

The AYSO Fall League starts the weekend after Labor Day for the 4U Playground through 14U Divisions. The 16U and 19U Divisions start in early August. The season runs about 3 months, nine to ten weeks for regular season play, plus approximately two weeks of additional play for the season-ending Region 107 City Championship Tournament and Knickerbocker-Masters Tournament.

San Carlos AYSO’s primary soccer season occurs in the Fall. The Fall season begins in early September and runs through the first week of November.

Registration events for this league are usually held around the last week in April and the first week in May. Please see our Calendar for the specific dates. San Carlos AYSO supports both boys and girls soccer teams.

SCAYSO provides recreational level soccer for the kids in San Carlos.  The Fall League has both boys and girls age appropriate divisions.  Kids from 3 years old to 18 years of age may participate.

 Age Divisions
Please see the Matrix of Play for more details.
- Learning to play: Playground, 5U, 6U
- Developmental Leagues: 7U, 8U, 10U, 12U
- Area Play: 14U, 16U, 19U

 All practices are held on the various fields located within San Carlos parks and schools. The Playground, 5U and 6U divisions do not have any practices.  The 7U and 8U division has 1 practice per week. The 10U through 19U divisions have 2 practices per week. The practices are held Monday through Friday.  The practices are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length.

Typical Practice Times:
younger divisions:  
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
older divisions: 
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

The 8U through 12U divisions are given the 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM practice times.  The 10U through 14U divisions will be given one “early” and one “late” practice time.  After Daylight Savings the teams will only have their “early” practice once a week.  The 16U and 19U divisions hold their practices at Highlands Park under the lights.

 The 5U through 14U division games are held on Saturdays.  The 5U through 14U divisions will have 1 game per week. The 16U and 19U divisions will have evening games during the week and a game on Saturdays.

The 5U through 10U division games are all played within San Carlos. The 12U & 14U divisions may have games scheduled with other regions within AYSO Area 2N.

The 16U and 19U divisions participate in the ASYO Area 2N Fall League.

SCAYSO follows the FIFA, AYSO, Area 2N and SCAYSO rules for the games. SCAYSO has the “3 quarter per game” rule. Each player on a team has to play 3 quarters before any other player on the same team may play 4 quarters. The total number of players in a given age group and the number of coaches have an affect on our ability to maintain this rule.

Playground (or 4U)
The Playground pre-soccer program and will be conducted by our guest professional coaches.  Your group will meet on Saturdays.  This program is designed by child development and soccer experts to give your child a foundation for sports success.  Your player will hop, skip, jump, run throw, balance, kick.....and play.  Your player will not play an actual game.  This is a developmental group.

5U & 6U Games

The 5U & 6U games are “small-sided” 3v3 or 4v4.  There are no goalkeepers.  The ball size is 3. There are no team standings or end of season tournaments. 

7U & 8U Games

The 7U & 8U games are “small-sided” 5v5 with no goalkeepers.  It’s been found that having no goalkeepers forces the kids to continue to develop their defensive skills, and actually does not generally cause too many goals to be scored.   The ball size is 3. There are no team standings or end of season tournaments. The U8 division uses Arguello and Laureola Parks for their games.

10U Games

The 10U games are “small-sided” 7v7. A player may be a goalkeeper for 1 or 2 quarters per game and must fulfill the 3 quarter per game rule by playing in another position. The ball size is 4. There are no team standings.  All teams are eligible for the end of season tournaments. The 10U division games are played at Burton Park and Heather Elementary School.

12U Games

The 12U games are 9v9. A player may be a goalkeeper for 1 or 2 quarters per game and must fulfill the 3 quarter per game rule by playing in another position. The ball size is 4. There are team standings. All teams are eligible for the end of season tournaments. The 12U games are played at Stadium Field at Highlands Park.

 14U Games

The 14U games are full 11v11. The “3-quarter” rule must be fulfilled before a goalkeeper can play 4 quarters. The ball size is 5. There are team standings. All teams are eligible for the end of season tournaments. The 14U games are played at Crestview Park.

16U/19U Games

The 16U/19U games are full 11v11. All FIFA, AYSO and Area 2N rules apply. The “3-quarter” rule must be fulfilled before a goalkeeper can play 4 quarters. Yellow and Red cards may be issued. There are team standings. All teams are eligible for the end of season tournament. The 16U/19U teams play in the Area 2N league. The 16U/19U home games are played at Highlands Park.

Fall League Tournaments

Knickerbocker-Masters Cup Tournament (10U - 14U)
In the winter of 1969 only about one hundred AYSO players could be found scattered across Northern California .  AYSO came to San Carlos in 1974, with just a few teams, under Emmett MacCorkle.  In 1976, the San Carlos Region was chartered under the national organization by Dick Knickerbocker and was recognized to operate within the city boundaries of the City of San Carlos .

In 1991, for the first time, San Carlos had over 1,000 children in the program, and currently we have grown to approximately 1,500 kids!  We are the beneficiaries of the effort, skill, know-how, good will and wonderful positive attitudes of many people over the years.

The Knickerbocker-Masters Cup Tournament is intended to celebrate those individuals.  This annual tournament was named after Dick Knickerbocker who served as commissioner for seven years and Bob Masters who was on AYSO’s board for 8 years and was Regional Commissioner from 1986 to 1988.

Starting in 2008, a new Knickerbocker-Masters Cup Tournament format was created for the 10U division.  Each team now plays 4 shorter games in a round-robin group stage format with points awarded to each team rather than just a simple victory or defeat.  The end result is a full day of fun for all 10U players and their families.  The 10U Knickerbocker-Masters Cup Tournament is held at Burton Park in October (dates to be determined) with Boys playing on Saturday and Girls playing on Sunday (alternate each year).

San Carlos AYSO City Championship Tournament

The City Championship Tournament is for 10U through 14U Boys and Girls.

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