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Below find FAQs about San Carlos AYSO.  For our FAQs about eAYSO click here.
What does AYSO stand for? 
AYSO stands for "American Youth Soccer Organization".

What Region is San Carlos AYSO? 
 San Carlos AYSO is Region 107.

What Area is San Carlos AYSO in? 
 San Carlos AYSO, Region 107, is a member of Area 2N.

What Section is San Carlos AYSO in? 
 San Carlos AYSO, Region 107, Area 2N is in Section 2. 

What is the goal of the program? 
AYSO’s goal is to develop the community’s youth by providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

What makes AYSO so different from other youth sports programs?
Every aspect of AYSO is governed by the organizations’s 6 basic Philosophies: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. 

What is ‘Safe Haven’?
‘Safe Haven’ is AYSO’s child and volunteer protection program. The program, another first in youth sports for AYSO, seeks to protect children by stopping child abuse, educating or removing its perpetrators, screening out predators before they enter the program and creating a healthy environment for child development. Volunteers are protected through training, certification, and education affording them the maximum protection under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997.  Visit our Safe Haven page for more details.

What is ‘Kids Zone’?
‘Kids Zone’ is an AYSO program aimed at reminding participants that we, as parents, guardians, spectators, coaches, referees, are the ones that set the example for our children, and the youth of the community, on what constitutes positive behavior, fair play and good sportsmanship, in a youth sports program and during games, in particular. The ‘Kids Zone’ program involves a pledge/contract that parents sign signifying that they have entered into an agreement with the program and are committed to presenting positive behavior at all times. The ‘Kids Zone’ program has a strong visual component intended to act as a reminder to parents and volunteers that they have entered an area where the expectations of the ‘Kids Zone’ agreement are to be met and are enforced.  Visit our Kids Zone page for more details.

What does CVPA stand for?
CVPA stands for Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate. The CVPA is a required position within AYSO. The CVPA manages the volunteer forms, educates volunteers on the Volunteer Protection Act and acts as a liaison between the program and community services. The CVPA guards and verifies the accuracy of the information supplied on the forms and expedites the processing of background checks performed on volunteers by AYSO national.

What is the VIP Program?
The VIP program, or, Very Important Player program, is designed for physically challenged, or special needs children, who want to play soccer.  If your child is interested in participating in a VIP program, please contact [email protected] and we can connect you with one of our neighboring regions that offers this program.  

When does the season start and how long does it last?
The AYSO Fall League starts the first weekend after Labor Day. The season runs about 3 months, nine to ten weeks for regular season play, plus approximately two weeks of additional play for the season-ending Region 107 City Championship Tournament and Knickerbocker-Masters Tournament, which are played on Saturday, Sunday and during the week. Non-competitive divisions (U6 & U8) do not participate in these two tournaments. San Carlos AYSO participates in the Tri-City Indoor Tournament over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Divisions U8 through U14 participate in this voluntary tournament. Winter League begins in December and runs through the beginning of March

How old does my child have to be to play AYSO?
Your child needs to be at least 3 years of age, as of September 8, 2017.   For complete details visit our Ages, Divisions and Eligibility page.

How are teams formed?
One of AYSO’s 5 basic philosophies is ‘Balanced Teams’. At the end of every season, coaches rate each player, with respect to other players in their division, and create a master list of player ratings. These ratings are placed into the region’s computer and used to generate the teams for the following season. The ratings system and team balancing functions helps to ensure fun and fair play.

Can my child play in a younger division?
This is referred to as ‘Playing Down’ and is not allowed within AYSO.

Can my child play in an older division?
Your child may ‘Play Up’ provided… 
•he/she is not skipping an entire division (i.e., your child needs to have played one year in his/her age-appropriate division) 
•may play with kids in his/her same grade in school 
•has received the approval of the Regional Commissioner and the Regional Coach Administrator,  and understands that he/she will be placed on a waiting list until all the age appropriate players for the older division have registered or the season’s registration deadline has expired.

I would like to request my child’s team assignment…

The following questions can be answered with a single response.  
• My child would like to be on the same team as his/her friends, classmates or schoolmates, is this possible? See below.  
• For carpooling reasons, convenience or any other reason, my child would like to be on the same team as his/her neighbor, or classmate, or schoolmate is this possible? See below.  

The answer for all the above questions is, No.  The only exception we make is for siblings only (brothers together on the same team, sisters together on the same team) and when possible, and within reason.  Balance is the only motivation behind team formation. When requesting the pairing of siblings from different divisions please take note of the rules regarding ‘Playing Up’, as they will apply.

When does practice start?
Once teams are formed, and the roster distributed to the coaches, in mid to late July, you can expect to hear from your child’s coach, who will  arrange a team meeting no later than two weeks prior to the start of the season. During this meeting, you will get your uniforms, receive all pertinent information, volunteer your time by filling one of the many open team volunteer positions and receive your team’s practice schedule.

How often is practice?
Generally speaking, your child’s age division determines the frequency of practice. The U8 Division has one 1 hour and 30 minute practice per week. Upper division teams (U10-U19) have two 1hour and 30 minutes practices per week. U4, U5 and U6 divisions will not have any practices during the week. Practice for U5 and U6 is built into the game schedule. You will have a practice slot available for your team prior to the start of your Saturday games.  U4 is playground style with no practice or games.

When are games played?
Most of our games are played on Saturday. Depending on your child’s division, additional games may be played during the week or Tournaments on Sunday.

Where are games played?
All games are played at FIELDS in San Carlos parks and schools. Divisions U12 through U19 are involved in Area 2N and Section 2 play. This means these teams can expect to play some of their games in neighboring cities, such as, Foster City, Belmont, Redwood City , etc.. They can also expect those cities to visit and play in San Carlos.

Will my child get to play in all the games?
Yes. One of the 6 basic principles of AYSO is Everyone Plays. Nationally, AYSO requires that every child play at least one half of every game. San Carlos AYSO enforces the ‘three-quarter play’ policy. All players are entitled to 3 quarters of play per game before any one player can play 4 quarters in the game. Additionally, it is our policy for certain divisions that any child playing the goalkeeper position for one half the game has to play a field position for at least one quarter.

Do I have to volunteer?
AYSO is a volunteer organization. No one is paid for the privilege of assisting the community’s youths, and ensuring a ‘Fun, Safe & Fair’ environment.  Without the efforts of volunteers the program would not exist.  The Region requires that you support your child’s team by…  
• supplying refreshments for the entire team (water and snacks) for at least one game,  
• volunteering for one of the open team positions,  
• Regional volunteer opportunities for your child’s division may include such tasks as photo day worker, fundraising assistant, team referee, etc.  
The Region also encourages you to experience the fun and the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment achieved by giving your time to a great cause, the development of our community’s youth.

How do I become a coach?
Let the region know that you would like to coach. This is accomplished by checking the ‘Coach’ box under the volunteer section of your child’s registration form.  You can also contact the Regional Commissioner, Coach Coordinator, or any other regional volunteer.  Visit our Board Member web page for contact information.

 Every prospective coach must fill out a volunteer form, and attend a coach certification clinic. San Carlos AYSO volunteers manage the clinics which are held locally.  For additional information on coaching, visit our coaches registration page or our coaches training and certification page.

Can I coach my child’s team?
Yes. If a coaching position is open in your child’s division we will accommodate your request. However, you must, prior to coaching a team meet the requirements as laid out above.

How do I become a referee?
Refereeing is great way to volunteer. The best way to become a referee is to approach the Regional Referee Administrator, for information. You can also contact the Regional Commissioner or any other board member. Visit our Board Member web page for contact information. You can also indicate your desire to referee by checking the appropriate box on your child's registration form.

You will be required to fill out a volunteer form and attend certification clinics. San Carlos AYSO volunteers manage the clinics which are held locally.  Additional details can be found on our become a referee or referee training pages.

How do I report an injury, property or any other incident?
All Coaches, Referee or relevant AYSO volunteer should fill out the Incident Report Form.

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